a wooden shelf with candle, housewarming card and camera

Moving house is an achievement and worth celebrating. Plus, it's so darned stressful, and any person who has gone through the months of surveys, solicitors, landlords, hauling boxes & endless cleaning deserves a little gift. 

I've been asked a few times if I can recommend the perfect housewarming gift, whether you just want to give a token something or have clubbed in with your friends, I hope I can give you some ideas.

There are things here in this list you can make, things that I sell, plus other ideas too. So, I hope there might be something for everyone. 

  1. Fill some glass jars (I sell these Le Parfait screw-top jars, which in my opinion are the most useful jar out there!) with homemade goods. Jam, marmalade, granola, pickles, biscuits. I shared a few of my fave jar recipes here
  2. A beautiful candlestick & beeswax candle for the dining table will make family suppers around the table feel homely. 
  3. Bake a loaf cake and deliver with a very special oak cake knife, and some posh tea bags perhaps. And did you know you can send a cake in the post?! Just parcel up well with tin foil & baking parchment, pop in a box and take to your local post office. 
  4. Club together with friends and splurge on a wooden chopping board ~ a gift you know will be used every single day for many years to come
  5. A home cooked meal for the first night can be a real relief for someone who has spent the day moving boxes. Think about things that can be delivered warm if you live close, lasagne or a lovely curry & naans are my go-to
  6. And if you don't live close, but want to serve up supper, order a takeout, deliveroo or recipe meal kit (I shared a few in this journal post & this one too). Or, I can thoroughly recommend a cheese box with champers from La Fromagerie
  7. A gorgeous hand wash & cream to place next to the sink will add a little luxury to any bathroom
  8. Brownies - you can never go wrong with a tray of brownies (this is my go-to recipe). How about cooking in one of these enamel trays, so you can gift the tray too. And if you want to splurge add some beautiful linen napkins too
  9. If the move has been particularly stressful a sleep spray, lavender eye mask or linen sleep pillow can help soothe the soul
  10. A scented candle may be a cliche, but there's a reason why. Pair with matches for the perfect gift. And, while there really is a science to making candles, that doesn't mean you can't have a go. Remember that homemade gifts don't need to be perfect. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to make your own, try to use essential oils rather than fragrance oils if you can afford to do so for the ultimate aromatherapy
  11. A voucher to their local coffee shop, particularly if they're doing a big reno. A quick coffee break each day can be the boost that gets someone through the long hours of sanding, plastering & knocking down walls
  12. If you want to get something for the whole family, a board game, a bottle of wine and some hot chocolate for the kids is a memorable games night in the making. Gifts that prompt a moment are the ones that create lasting memories. 
  13. And, lastly, the gift of time. If you're able to, the greatest gift is that of being there to help. Whether moving boxes, slapping white paint over that bloody red feature wall, arriving armed with marigolds to tackle the kitchen. Offering your time and hands to help in those early days of a new move will never be forgotten.  
July 15, 2021 — Alice Paling