Huddled around a table with friends, children & dogs scrabbling around under our legs, food arriving in abundance full of colour and textures, forks diving in, a spilt drink, but not to worry, another's on the way, yes to pudding, we'll share... 

Gosh, I miss eating out! Food and friends are what life is for. But, for now, if we can't go to the restaurants, delis and cafes, they'll have to come to us.

Here’s a list of at-home recipe kits I have my eye on, all which deliver nationwide and offer a way for you to enjoy a night off cooking as well as supporting the hospitality industry. Win win!

  1. Club Mexicana

    this taco kit with (optional) added margaritas would be really fun for a cute date night at home.

  2. Hoste

    a full dining experience, with a recipe kit, plus added extras to make supper at home feel really special, including a beautiful candle from Wax Atelier (a maker I stock here at Object Story). The next kit is due to launch any day.Hoste nationwide recipe meal kit

  3. Lyles London

    for a VERY special occasion, this finish at home kit sounds and looks like a culinary delight. I'm lucky enough to have eaten here a year or two ago, and the food really is wonderful.

  4. Arabica

    fresh mezze and Middle Eastern meal kits packed with flavour and great value too.Arabica nationwide recipe meal kit middle eastern mezze

  5. Bubala

    a vibrant veggie supper for two from this restaurant inspired by Tel Aviv's bustling cafes

    Bubala nationwide recipe meal kit
  6. Delamina

    we love brunch here, and the finish-at-home kit looks just as delicious.

  7. Bocca di lupo

    a finish-at-home seafood Venetian feast from this family-owned restaurant which is known for its paired down Italian sharing plates. bocco di lupo italian recipe meal kit

  8. Dishoom

    an affordable way to have a taste of restaurant cooking at home. Dishoom is famous for their bacon naan rolls, but the vegan's among you can enjoy a vegan sausage naan too. 

  9. Lina Stores

    London-based readers, if you haven't made it to one of Lina Stores' delis for a while, they are doing London delivery of their fresh pasta & pizza meal kits. For those of us further afield, you can still purchase their fresh pasta & other provisions for a quick, delicious supper. Lina stores nationwide recipe meal kit

  10. Patty & bun

    for one of those nights where only a burger will do, P&B have a brilliant selection for meat-eaters and vegan's alike.

  11. Monty's Deli

    I eat meat very rarely, but I think next time I do, this will be it. A salt beef sandwich on rye bread with sauerkraut and mustard...yes, please! 

  12. Bao

    whenever we pass a Bao, we can never resist nipping in for a little snack, my son loves these squishy buns, as do we. Bao buns nationwide recipe meal kit

January 12, 2021 — Alice Paling
Tags: Food & drink