About us

object story kitchenware

Welcome to Object Story, the homeplace of household accessories with beauty and substance.

We don’t think much about the possessions that surround us – and yet, in many ways, they mirror the lives that we lead.

Everyday objects are woven into the fabric of our homes and families: whether it’s a silver garlic press that’s been passed down through generations, or the toothbrush holder that anchors a thousand bedtime routines.

These incidental things may be small, but they hold our memories. And they deserve some love and attention.

On this site, you’ll find a curated edit of hand-picked items that perfectly match form with function.

From well-crafted kitchen essentials to stylish bathroom picks and beyond, these lovingly selected items are sourced from all our favourite places.

Many of them are affordable, others are ethical and the vast majority are minimally designed, drawing from a pared-down palette.

Above all, they are objects that bridge the gap between practical and joyful, to elevate the landscape of the everyday.

Please do have a browse around, and fill your basket with beautiful, useful things.

Alice x