Alice Paling, founder of Object Story in her homeware shop in Stroud

Object Story is a boutique homeware brand founded by me, Alice, in 2020. It originally began as an online store operating from garden shed, which it continues to do! As well as appearing at pop-up events around the UK, including the Edinburgh Fringe and my hometown of Stroud. 

Object Story is a showcase for objects that are in equal parts beautiful, functional, simple and personal. It is shaped by the understanding that the objects that surround us in life – however incidental – are the same items that build memories, and mark the moments we cherish the most.

Everyday “things” are woven into the fabric of our homes and families: whether the silver garlic press that’s been passed down through generations, or the toothbrush holder that anchors a thousand bedtime routines.

Our brand aims to give this material culture the love it deserves, by pulling together an edit of unique homeware from some of Britain’s most creative makers and craftspeople. In our carefully curated collections, you’ll find hand-thrown ceramics, artisan candles, handmade letterpress recipe boxes – and so much more besides. 

From statement vases, stationery and striped bed linen right down to a humble wooden scrubbing brush, each of our objects are made with love, at the hands of other small independents and people who truly invest in what they do. 

Sustainable design and traditional craft techniques also play an important role in the objects that we source. In many ways, then, Object Story speaks to a slower, simpler way of life – bridging the gap between practical and joyful, and elevating the landscape of the everyday.

Be it tableware, desk accessories, interior pieces or cleaning essentials that you’re after, feel free to have a browse and find objects for your home. 

Alice x