My story

Alice Paling, founder of Object Story online homeware store


Hi I’m Alice, the founder of Object Story. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the little things that frame our lives.

As a mum to five-year-old Arlo, I’m often short on time and headspace. But I’m also struck by how everyday routines can become special and memorable, with just a dash of attention to detail.

Take dinner time. This used to be a hectic window for our family; more akin to a food wrestle than an actual meal. Then one day I decided to introduce candles – and the whole experience shifted.

Dining by candlelight introduced a calm and cosy vibe that we weren’t even aware was lacking. It made an everyday ordeal into a treasured event, and really altered the mood.

That’s the kind of lift I’m hoping to bring about with the items I’ve chosen in Object Story.

This isn’t about prescribing Instagram perfection, or making people feel bad about the lives they don’t have.

Instead, I want to unearth the small, simple moments of beauty and enjoyment that can be found in everyday life – as mapped by the minutiae of our households.

The items you’ll find in Object Story can be drawn together to form a coherent and minimal look. But they also work as standalones, bringing a slice of balance and solace to the chaos of modern living.

Each item in Object Story has been carefully hand-selected based on style and craftsmanship. I hope you have as much fun browsing the collections as much as I did putting them together!