Best summer tomato recipe

A seasonal celebration of fresh, tasty and delicious tomato recipes, with flavour-packed dish ideas from Yotam Ottolenghi, Anna Jones, Jamie Oliver and more.

“A world without tomatoes,” wrote American novelist Laurie Colwin, “is like a string quartet without violins.”

There’s something so heartening about the sight of summer tomatoes; the vines and punnets that layer our market stalls come June, bringing with them a rich wave of earth flavour. These sun-ripened beauties are the humble heroes of our larders: brimming with freshness, easy to grow and an effortless addition to almost any meal. 

Below, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite tomato recipes, for simple and tasty summertime meals. From sweet cherry tomatoes to succulent plum varieties, have your favourites on-hand for the inspiration ahead.

  1. Hot charred cherry tomatoes with cold yoghurt 

    From Ottolenghi Simple by Yotam Ottolenghi

    A simple but truly delicious dish that, once you've cooked a couple of times, you'll be glad to have in your repertoire; ready to adapt and bring to the table with ease. The hot tomatoes combined with chilled yoghurt is a magical thing. Serve with warm flatbreads as the perfect starter for you all to dig into, and fight over who gets to mop up the last of the juices. 

    Follow the recipe here.

  2. Simple tomato salad with tahini and herbs

    By Anna Jones

    This is my go-to when I have the best-quality tomatoes that just need an added touch to create something really special. The capers are little pops of salty tartness which cut through the creaminess of the tahini. Tomatoes, tahini and capers are the ultimate love triangle! Serve this as a side salad with grilled fish, meat or halloumi, with warm flatbreads as a starter – or on bruschetta for lovely bite-sized nibbles. 

    Follow the recipe here.

    Roasted tomato falafel recipe

  3. Roasted tomato falafels with tomato yoghurt, pickles, chopped salad and flatbreads

    From Tomato by Claire Thomson

    These little fried falafel bites come with a beautiful brick-red crust and moist centre; they’re the epitome of moreish food. With tomatoes taking the limelight (you'll find them in the chopped salad and the yoghurt, too), this dish is a love letter to the time-honoured fruit.

    Follow the recipe here

  4. Favourite lentils with roast tomatoes & horseradish 

    From A Modern Way to Cook by Anna Jones

    While eating tomatoes in the summertime evokes fantasies of al fresco suppers in the sunshine, we all know that British weather doesn’t always play ball. This recipe is one to reach for on cooler days, when you’re craving a dash of warmth and comfort. Sweet roasted tomatoes with nutty lentils, a spike of horseradish and crunch breadcrumbs – serve with a lemony salad for extra crunch. 

    Follow the recipe here.

  5. Baked kofta with aubergine and tomato

    From Falastin by Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley

    For many of us, eating meat is now a real treat; something to be considered and savoured. This celebratory meal, featuring ground beef and lamb (organic and locally sourced if possible), is ideal for when you’re hosting a feast with loved ones. The method involves quite a bit of work; but it can easily be prepared a day ahead, ready to be put into the oven when your guests arrive. We like to serve the kofta with fluffy rice, a chopped salad with lots of herbs, and a tahini dressing. 

    Follow the recipe here.

  6. Sicilian tuna pasta

    From 5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver

    No shortlist of tomato recipes would be complete without nod to a pasta dish. We love the simplicity of this five-ingredient meal, using fresh tomatoes, oregano, tuna, capers and, of course, pasta. With so few elements, you can choose to spotlight the finest produce – heritage tomatoes, tuna in olive oil, your best extra virgin olive oil, and plump, salty capers. 

    Follow the recipe here.

  7. Pan con tomate with anchovies and chives

    By Thomas Straker

    Simple, fresh, delicious. Save this for when you have beautifully sun-kissed ripe tomatoes, a scorching hot day and a bottle of beer chilling in the fridge. Shut your eyes, let olive oil dribble down your chin and you could be fooled into thinking you're perched atop a stool in a Catalonian bar. Tomato heaven. 

    Follow the recipe here.

5 more tomato tools to cherish

Below, we’ve pulled together some extra tomato-y devices and delights we think you should know about – for an added touch of sun-ripened fun.

Tomato by Claire Thomson: a new recipe book for 2022 dedicated to the tomato, and a mainstay for your kitchen bookshelf. 

Victorinox serrated tomato knife: the only knife you’ll ever need for cutting your tomatoes. 

The Tomato Stall: a beloved subscription box service from the Isle of Wight, with crops that bloom from the island’s unique soil and sunshine climate.

Mutti: the last word on world-class tinned tomatoes. Simply the best. 

June 30, 2022 — Anna Brech