Finding daily calm

finding daily calm - lay the table and enjoy breakfast

I'm slowly getting more familiar with this new 'normal' we're facing during these strange times. It's odd how quickly as humans we adapt. And, while of course, there is still plenty to feel anxious about, I'm finding calm in the smallest of moments. 

Here are a few things that I'm finding comfort in. Moments that would usually bear little meaning amongst our daily chaos, but that I am now trying to notice and that bring a sense calm to our household. 

find daily calm - light an incense stick with handmade incense holder

  1. Light a candle

    I'm doing this more than usual as a way to mark a moment. Not just at mealtimes, but also while reading to my son, or when we move into a new room for a change of scenery. I'll light a candle while my partner and I chat over a glass of wine in the evening, and of course, always at bath time! 

  2. Make more of breakfast

    the start of a new day brings a new energy for us all, and I've been harnessing this by making the most out of breakfast times together as a family. We'll sit together, lay the table, use a teapot, we'll have our usual cereal, but toast or croissants as well. Without the rush of the school run we can take a little more time. For me, it also then takes the pressure off having a family supper every evening, so if a TV dinner creeps in every now and again, I'm okay with that.

  3. Get out in nature

    I feel safe here in my little home, and the idea of going outside feels daunting and scary. But, the moment we head out the door, the fresh air, listening to the birds, soaking up some sunshine is so beneficial for our minds and bodies.

  4. Find your rhythm

    by this I don't mean a strict structure, but a loose cycle to your day. For us, this brings anchoring moments in the day that we're all aware will happen at a rough time.

  5. Use your hands

    there's something about putting our phones down, and using our hands to create something that feels so good. Whether it be kneading bread, pulling the weeds up, sewing or knitting, drawing or journaling, find something where you can focus on your hands.

  6. Celebrate the small things

    is a seedling popping up? Did you try a new recipe? Master a skill? Did you get through the day in one piece? The small things are now big things, and worth recognising and celebrating.

  7. Have a proper cup of coffee

    ...or tea, or hot chocolate, or whatever it is ~ sit down at the table or out in the garden, have a biscuit, talk with your family or facetime a friend, read a magazine or listen to a podcast. We usually have coffee on the go, but take 20 minutes to savour the process then enjoy the moment.

  8. Be gentle on yourself

    there is nothing more stress-inducing than feeling guilty or inadequate. Let the little things slide, be kind to yourself and things will feel calmer.

~ Some of these things are only possible for us because we are fortunate that both my partner and I can work from home and that we are lucky enough to have a small garden and open spaces nearby to go for walks. I understand that not everyone is in the same position, but I hope you all find mechanisms to add a sense of calm to your day whatever your situation. 


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