Objects around a tidy kitchen sink scene

A tidy kitchen sink is one of life’s surprisingly unsung pleasures. Here’s how to organise and accessorise your kitchen sink as a calming cornerstone of the kitchen.

I don't know about you, but my kitchen sink area can so easily get cluttered with a stack of dishes, the compost bin, recycling, wet cloths and dying plants! Sound familiar? Yet, it's also the space my eye is always drawn to when I enter the room. So when it’s neat and tidy it seems to transform the whole kitchen.

Here are ten easy things I do at home to help keep my kitchen sink tidy – or better still, make it an out-and-out joy to behold…

  1. Declutter

    What do you actually need by the sink? Some washing-up brushes, a hand soap, dish soap, a cloth? Separate the objects you really need and think about finding a home for leftovers.

  2. Sort out your cupboard under the sink

    You probably have things like a compost bin and bottles of cleaning spray sitting by your sink, create space for these under your sink. Some compost bins can be attached to the inside of your cupboard door so it's still easily accessible but is hidden away and keeps the smells away. 

  3. Object Story pick: Marseille olive soap block

    Bath gels, a soap and a body brush by a sink

  4. Find a pot for your dish brushes

    We love putting our wooden brushes in an old stoneware marmalade jar for a rustic feel - they are something you can often pick up in charity shops and eBay. That said, don't forget to shop your own home, you'll probably have something hanging around you can use, such as a Weck jar or a jam jar – or take the lid off a Kilner. 

  5. Object Story pick: Parisian hand-blown glass jar
  6. Organise your cloths & pot brushes

    An old jelly mould or a little bowl can be used to store your cloths and any pot and vegetable brushes or scourers. It's a good idea to colour code your cloths, using one colour for surfaces, and another for things like floors or windows. 

  7. Put your soaps on a thrifted little plate or invest in a soap dish

    There's nothing worse than a soggy soap by the side of the sink! A soap dish with holes in so any excess water runs away is something to keep your eye out for. 

  8. Object Story pick: Hand-thrown ceramic soap dish
  9. Create some added storage

    A peg rail, hooks or a brass rail with S-hooks to hang brushes and tea towels from, or a basket on the windowsill to keep clean cloths in, can work a treat. It’s an affordable way to hide things you need access to, but that don't need to be on show.

  10. Pop a tea towel or a cotton cloth on your draining board

    It's a good idea to have something to absorb the excess water, and adding a textile to the sink area can soften things a little. Keep two for this purpose and rotate them while one is in the wash.

  11. Object Story pick: Recycled cotton cleaning cloth
  12. Spring-clean your windows

    Any sink framed by a window looks better if the window itself is sparkling. Dust down any cobwebs, and mix your own cleaning solution from dishwater liquid or white vinegar. 

  13. Wipe down pots and bowls regularly

    Anything housing your scrubbers and cloths will build up grime, and the same goes with the bottom of a chopping board; do a regular wipe down to ensure it’s not sitting in water. 

  14. Style your windowsill

    Take everything off and build things up slowly, start with just one plant, maybe a basket, a candle. Keep plenty of space on your sill, too, to let the light in. 

Object Story pick: Botanical candle in rose geranium
October 30, 2022 — Alice Paling