Three ways with wild garlic

Now more than ever, I'm turning to the simple things, and feeling so incredibly grateful for spring equinox.

Here, in my little market town in the Cotwolds, the sun is shining and the walls are bursting with dainty purple flowers, bulbs are flowering, birds are singing and spring has arrived. 

We took a walk for Mothering Sunday to one of our favourite spots. We hadn't intended on doing any foraging, but the second we dipped down into the woodland our nostrils were filled with the pungent smell of wild garlic, and so, we got picking.

Miserden Estate wild garlic picking spot in the Cotswolds

Here are some tried and tested recipes using wild garlic you may want to try. Do let me know if you try any, and I'd love to know your go-to wild garlic recipes.  

  1. Wild garlic and orzo minestrone

    Claire aka the 5 O'clock Apron is one of my go-to cooks for seasonal family recipes with no fuss but filled with flavour. You're like to have the ingredients for this recipe lurking around in your cupboards so it's a fantastic recipe to make off the cuff, whether for one, or for many. 

  2. Wild garlic pesto

    Easily one of the quickest and most delicious recipes to have in your repertoire ~ a spoonful or two of this can elevate even the simplest of suppers. Stir into pasta, dollop onto soup, spread on toast and top with a sliced tomato, whizz into hummus or add extra oil and drizzle onto salad. *I replace the pignuts with pine nuts, or more often almonds or walnuts which are cheaper. You can also leave out the parmesan and add more nuts if you're vegan. 

  3. Wild garlic & cheese scones

    When I think of scones, I think of my sister and my dad - if ever there is a family crises, or in need of some sort of comfort, a scone always manages to appear. Not the kind with jam and clotted cream, but cheesy ones, warmed in the oven with a slap of butter on the top. My sister now lives in Australia and her one request when she returns home is for my dad to make her cheese scones. This is a twist on the cheese scone recipe I always use ~ omit the mustard powder and replace the chives for 75g chopped wild garlic, enough to taste the garlic, but not too much that it's overpowering. 

Wild garlic and cheese scone recipe

wild garlic and cheese scone recipe

wild garlic and cheese scones recipe