Photography collaborators

I am looking for a few people who love to take images and style objects in their own homes who would like to receive objects from my store to photograph, in exchange you get to keep the products.

This isn't an 'influencer' thing, so the number of Instagram followers you have doesn't matter one bit, more the style and quality of your imagery. I'm looking for people who like to take images with a natural, neutral, calm feel and who think they would love some of my products in their home too.

Here's how it would work:

1. You would receive a bundle of objects from my store in the region of £80 which you get to keep. If you want to take pics in your bathroom, I'll send you skincare & bath brushes. Or, maybe you love to cook? You'll receive objects for your kitchen. Or perhaps you have little ones willing to get in front of the camera? I'll send you some toys to try. 

2. You would photograph these objects in your own home, garden or setting and would provide me with ten images by email. We'd set a rough deadline that works for you, but the idea would be that you can have creative reign, and hopefully, these objects will organically find an aesthetically pleasing place in your home, maybe flat lays are your thing, or perhaps you love food photography. The focus would be showcasing the objects, but how you go about this would be up to you.

3. I would use your images, fully credited to you, on my social platforms, email newsletter and website to promote blog posts I may have written and the products I sell. You would have no obligation to share these images on your social channels, although of course, you can if you would like!

All going well, this would be a continuing relationship where I send you a bundle a few times a year or if I have new products launching that o think you would love.  

What you need

You enjoy taking pictures
You love styling 
You like my objects and would genuinely get plenty of use out of them 
To be based in the UK

What you don't need

Loads of followers - I'm not looking for influencers, even if you have a private account, that's cool.
A fancy camera - iPhone pics are fine! 
Experience - I'm just looking for 'regular' people


Here's how to apply

Drop me (Alice) an email to with the below info:

1. Your name & a sentence or two about you. 
2. What you love photographing ~ your home, or perhaps a specific room, flatlays, pics of the kids, overheads while baking. 
3. Direct me to your Insta, or send me some sample images (the more the better) so I can get an idea of your styling & photography.