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PLEASE NOTE: due to the unique nature of these objects, you will receive a bauble in the shade of wood you have chosen, however, the shape and design will vary.

One of a kind wooden Christmas tree decorations, each a unique design showcasing the intricate details of the grain. 

Made using only British wood, sourced from small independent sawmills and finished in mineral oil for a subtle sheen.

No two baubles are the same, and so you will receive a randomly selected shape ~ enjoy the surprise, or get in touch if you would like to see which we have available to choose from.

  • due to the unique nature, these range in size, between 6cm and 10cm long and 5cm to 7cm wide, excluding the loop which is approx 5cm long
  • vegan cork leather hanging loop

Selwyn House

Selwyn House is formed by Sean Best and Ellie Smalls, who met studying Fine Art at Leeds Arts University.

Always drawn to making things, Sean bought a second-hand lathe and began teaching himself woodturning. Combining their creative talents, Sean & Ellie began to create small-batch handmade serveware & homeware from the best British-grown timbers they could get their hands on.

All the wood used for Selwyn House pieces is sourced as locally as possible to the workshop and is from trees which have grown in Britain. Most wood is bought from small independent sawmills, who either manage woodland around them or buy directly from local tree surgeons. The wood is milled and air-dried at these sawmills for a minimum of 18 months before it even comes to the workshop.

Working in small batches means they are able to source more unusual and characterful pieces of timber to work with and adapt designs to make the most of the wood.

All Selwyn House pieces are designed to be functional as well as beautiful.