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A sustainable and versatile re-useable coffee (or tea!) cup created using waste husk leftover from the production of coffee.

Everything has been thought about in the design of this cup. It's light, so isn't a chore to carry around in your bag throughout the day. The fins make it easy to hold and keep your coffee insulated. It is dishwasher safe and has drain slots on the bottom so the water slides right off after your washing cycle is finished. It has just the cup and a lid, making it easy and hygienic to clean. It has an easy fitting, but secure fitting lid which can be pressed on with one hand (useful for those times you're carrying shopping, keys, wallet etc!). Designed in two colours to ensure it's easy to be recycled after you've used it. Lastly, it's beautiful & a dream to drink from.

  • made from husk leftover from the production of coffee
  • BPA free
  • dishwasher friendly

Wondering which size to choose?

6oz / 170ml | flat white, macchiato

8oz / 227ml | cappuccino, regular latte