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Gorgeously simple soap bars, handcrafted in Edinburgh using a unique formula of coconut oil, shea butter and Himalayan salt.

The added salt is what makes these soap bars so special. They are deeply cleansing, and the salt exfoliates your skin while softening the water letting the soapy suds remove impurities and daily build-up from your skin.

The generous amount of organic raw shea butter in each bar ensures your skin will feel moisturised and supple. And you'll only find natural essential oils in your bars, giving gorgeous scents and aromatherapy benefits. Thanks to the added salt, each bar is long-lasting and will never go soft on you!

Naked ~ unscented

For sensitive skin, or those who prefer their soap unscented. Just pure organic oils and salt, no essential oils, no allergens. As simple as it comes.

Key ingredients | Himalayan pink salt, organic coconut oil, raw organic shea butter

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  • approx. 120g
  • paraben free, palm oil free, cruelty free, vegan
  • wrapped in 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and card 
  • work in some warm water and wash with the luxuriously creamy lotion-like lather either in the shower, bath or by the kitchen sin
  • worked into a rich lather, this soap also works brilliantly as a shaving bar
  • handmade in Edinburgh 
  • due to the handmade nature, each design will naturally differ per bar



A small artisanal soap maker based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Founded by Helen, Dook makes salt soap in small batches using organic ingredients, essential oils and natural colours. Each batch is mixed and poured by hand resulting in distinctive, high-quality hand and body soap.