Small amber glass bottle of Harvest organic lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil

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The scent of lavender holds a sacred place in nature, its precious flowers are the colour of youth. Burning lavender in your surrounding space helps to focus on peace, happiness and healing.

Symbolises | silence, calmness, grace

Botanical name | Lavendula Angustifolia 

Extraction method | steam distilled

Blends perfectly with rosemary, ho wood, cedarwood, eucalyptus

Add a few drops in the bath, in a diffuser or oil burner, mix with a carrier oil to use on your skin, dab a little on a cotton cloth to inhale while out and about.

  • 10ml
  • avoid contact with eyes
  • do not take internally
  • do not use undiluted on skin
  • seek advice if pregnant
  • not suitable for babies
  • store away from children.