Objects for a Yuletide table

tips for a beautiful christmas table

Draping a tablecloth, laying the table, lighting a candle - a few small things can bring such warmth and joy to festive mealtimes during these winter months.

If laying a festive table can feel a bit daunting, here are a few ways you can create a really special scene. 

  1. Begin with a tablecloth

    Adding a tablecloth to your table is an immediate way to elevate your festive table. You don't have to use a tablecloth, a bed sheet will work, you could even dye one a beautiful rich colour.

  2. Consider the practical things you'll need

    Start by thinking of what you'll need to enjoy your meal, plates, cutlery are a given, but think about what drinks you'll be serving and the types of glasses you'll need and save space for serving platters if you're encouraging people to help themselves.

  3. Layer from the bottom up

    Build up your objects, it's nice to start with a plate, adding a napkin tied with ribbon perhaps and cutlery, you could add a little table present, and any extra touches you may have prepared.

  4. Think about height

    To create an opulent table it's nice to add elements with height, being careful to place them so they're not blocking peoples view. Candlesticks with tapered candles work well as do bud vases with dried flowers. You could even consider hanging things from above, like a branch with special decorations, a wreath or even a pendant light to add an extra glow.

  5. Mix your materials

    I like to have a mix of natural materials on my table, ceramics look beautiful against wooden spoons and candlesticks, Morrocan glasses flickering in the glow of a beeswax candle, polished cutlery placed on a slubby linen napkin.

  6. Add some nature

    You needn't spend much on a beautiful centrepiece, instead take a walk around your heighbourhood to see what you can forage. Ivy winding along the table is a lovely start, scatter some walnuts, add oranges and pomegranates. Nature brings the most beautiful colour to a table.

  7. Light lots of candles

    Last, but by no means least. Light lots of candles. Save scented candles for another time, you want to be able to smell the delicious food roasting in the oven. Instead opt for simple beeswax candles. Choose different heights and light plenty of them for a truly magical supper.

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